Heard of the Sigiriya Frescoes?

Picture the ancient royals of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, their luminous skin embellished with nature's botanical secrets, immortalized in the iconic Sigiriya frescoes(women of the royal court). Today, these timeless portraits still grace the stone walls of Sigiriya, honoring the beauty of these women adorned in nature's treasures. Inspired by this rich history, Lily Alvee reverently blends ancient beauty rituals with modern scientific prowess, infusing our products with the same botanical wonders.

Founder's Story

Ayurvedic skincare rituals were a fundamental part of my upbringing, with homemade remedies crafted by my Ammi(mom) being a common practice. Although I didn't fully grasp their significance as a child, with time, I came to appreciate the transformative effects of ingredients like sandalwood and turmeric on my skin. Fusing my Ayurvedic heritage with over a decade of professional scientific expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, I've carefully curated skincare products at Lily Alvee, prioritizing sustainably sourced ingredients. So, with an open heart (and open pores), we invite you to join us on this skincare journey. We're excited to have you as part of our Lily Alvee family!